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AutoSpeak Library of Sounds
Car sounds, crashes, engines, horns, drag strip, emergency vehicle sounds, indy car sounds, motorcycle sounds, NASCAR, sport cars, and truck sounds.
Sound Jay's Transportation Sounds
A collection of airplane, helicopter, train and car related sound effects in wav and mp3 formats.
The Recordist - Free Sound Effects
Jets, boat, trains, trolley, autos.
Free Sound Effects from Royalty Free Music
Offers a comprehensive music library of production music for your various royalty free music needs. Sound effects include car, helicopter, jet, race car, train.
Vehicle Sound Effects -
A collection vehicle sound effects in mp3 format: Car honk, metro, old streetcar, police car, firetruck, garbage truck, wood harvester.
Helicopter Sounds
Several helicopter sound effects. Includes information and photos of helicopters as well.
Harley Davidson Sounds
Contains Harley Davidson motorcycle sound effects.
Car Sounds and Sound Effects
BMV, car crash and engine sounds (mostly car racing).
6060 Train Sounds
Train whistle, steam release, train wheels, railway crossing, big steamer, starting up, coming to a stop.
Train Horn Sounds
An excellent collection of train horn sounds in wav and mp3 audio file formats.
Train Sounds
A few more train wav sounds.

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