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Free Voice Drops
Add voices to your projects, use them in chat, or make a prank call to your friend!
Voice Generator
Converts your text to speech. You can selects a voice: US English, Latin American English, German, French, CA English, UK English, Indian English.
Free Vocal Samples
Free vocal samples that can be used in your music productions royalty free.
Free Presenter Kit
A great presenter kit for your radio shows and podcasts. Includes voice drops such as: "Top 10 Countdown", "Your Favorite Radio Station", etc. You can get the presenter kit for free by email.
Squirt's Place - Fun Stuff
A nice collection of funny wavs.
Freq of Nature
Actual 911 and radio calls.
You've Got Mail! Cool WAV Archive
Bored with the same old new mail greeting? Then change it! Here you'll find tons of different wav files that you can use for your new mail noise.
Clay's Mail Call
For those of you that don't know, Eudora, and many other mail programs, allow you to associate a wav file which then plays whenever you receive new mail. I have collected a few of these, and made many myself. I post them here for you to take and enjoy.
Funny Audio Wav Files
This page contains funny wav audio files for you to download free. You can download free funny wav files directly from this page.
The Funny Bone Files
Be forwarned, some of these files contain strong, adult language/situations so listen to them at your own risk! Remember you have been warned!
Wav sounds for Window events. Open program, close program, maximize, minimize, menu event, program error, question event, and email notification wavs.
Expressive Speech
From this page you can hear the output of the Affect Editor program, which generates instructions for a DECtalk3 speech synthesizer.

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